SoftWave’s PPS (Pay Per Shock) PROGRAM

Offering you affordable and quick ways to incorporate game changing technology into your practice

Get the highest quality extracorporeal low-intensity shockwave technology (ESWT) device on the market. SoftWave's OrthoGold, UroGold & DermaGold wide and deep treatment zone will fast track patient wellness and clinic profitability.
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3 ways to incorporate SoftWave OrthoGold, UroGold & DermaGold into your practice


Purchasing your device outright or with your financing requires a long-term commitment but provides ownership and potential tax advantages under Section 179, allowing you to deduct a portion of the purchase price from the clinic’s gross income. The initial investment offers long-term benefits with an allotted amount of refurbishments and a one-year warranty. Marketing support is not included. This route is ideal for practices prioritizing long-term financial planning and asset accumulation.


SoftWave’s financing through their external finance company offers a range of deferment and down payment options, (including no down payment). But if you don’t qualify, SoftWave also has an in-house financing option. In both cases, financing gives you the benefit of managing your cash flow.


The PPS Program offers the lowest financial investment, billing on a per-shock rate with no upfront costs. You’ll receive monthly invoices at the end of each month after revenue is collected, which aids in cash flow management. Although it doesn’t provide the benefits of device ownership, there is an option to purchase a device after 12 months of participation in the program. The PPS program is an excellent choice for practices seeking to offer advanced services with minimal financial commitment, especially those with variable patient volumes. It includes all applicator refurbishments and warranty services for the term.

In any of the three options mentioned above, SoftWave is capable of providing digital marketing support to generate patient leads, schedule appointments, and present SoftWave to patients as a solution to their needs.

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Try Before You Buy PPS Program

I recently integrated the SoftWave OrthoGold 100 into my practice through the PPS Program and was impressed by the immediate benefits. This model removed the financial upfront investment, allowing us to ‘try before we buy’ with no initial commitment. The device proved not only clinically effective for our patients but also financially beneficial for the practice. It’s a smart option for any practice looking to explore innovative technology.

Dr. Ebell
Restore Chiropractic, Amarillo, TX


Offers new practices a flexible cost structure aligned with their patient volume, ensuring expenses are directly tied to usage.


Use SoftWave technology to revolutionize patient care in your practice, offering non-invasive, highly effective treatments that enhance health outcomes and patient satisfaction.


Integrating SoftWave directly increases clinic profitability. As an added bonus, the PPS program’s pay-per-use model allows your practice to boost its bottom line, leveraging SoftWave’s advanced technology to expand service offerings and generate revenue without the upfront investment.

Contact Michael Nunn to walk through the details and determine which option is best for you and your clinic. If you have immediate questions, email [email protected].

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