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Softwave Showcase
It’s time your success stories get the spotlight they deserve!

Join our SoftWave SHOWCASE Contest and stand a chance to win big!

Simply send in your video(s) by April 15th. It can be an old one or a new one (but needs to come with a photo release).

Winners can be found below!

Grand Prize Winner: Harcourt Chiropractic
Category Winners:
  • Most Heartfelt Story – 
  • Most Surprising One Session Transformation – 
  • Patient’s Most Comprehensive Journey –
  • Most Heartfelt Story – 
  • Most Surprising One Session Transformation – 
  • Patient’s Most Comprehensive Journey –


Grand Prize:



3 Category Winners:

$2,000 per (x3)


Runners-up per Category:

Probe replacement (x3)

The Challenge:

We invite you to submit a video testimonial showcasing the profound impact of SoftWave treatment on your patients’ lives. Your stories are our biggest inspiration!


  • Most Surprising One-Session Transformation: Showcase cases where a single treatment session led to unexpectedly remarkable results, highlighting the immediate effectiveness of the SoftWave device.


  • Most Heartfelt Story: This category focuses on the emotional depth and personal connection in the testimonials. It’s for stories that not only show physical relief but also capture the emotional journey and gratitude of the patients.


  • Patient’s Comprehensive Journey: Share a patient’s comprehensive journey from chronic pain to relief and recovery showcasing the cumulative impact of SoftWave therapy.

Why Participate in the SoftWave SHOWCASE?

Recognition: Be celebrated as a leader in innovative pain management.

Community Impact: Inspire your peers with real-life success stories.

Attractive Prizes: Be rewarded for your outstanding contributions.

Submission Guidelines:

  • Duration: 20 seconds-5 minutes.
  • File: Video files need to be of a high-quality format which means uncompressed or minimally compressed format. 
  • Preferred Formats: We recommend formats such as MOV or MP4.
  • Focus: Clear patient consent*, HIPAA compliance, and a focus on the treatment impact.

*SoftWave will need to see proof of consent

  • Deadline: Submit your entries by April 15

Please ensure you have obtained explicit approval or consent from all involved parties before using this video in marketing materials. Download the Form at right.

Download Video Release Form

Your expertise and dedication are changing lives every day. Now, let the world see the power of your work. Submit your video testimonial and join a community of healthcare pioneers making a real difference. 

Start filming, share your story, and win! Your journey in revolutionizing pain management deserves to be heard. Submit your entry today. 

Watch this winning Testimonial Formula

Capture the problem your customer was facing prior to buying your product

Sending Files

Softwave Patient
Softwave Patient
Softwave Patient

Sending large video files can sometimes be a challenge due to size limitations on standard email platforms. However, there are several reliable methods to transfer large files effectively. Here are some options:

  • Google File link
  • Dropbox
  • OneDrive
  • WeTransfer (a free, no-account-needed, large file transfer site. https://wetransfer.com/ Scroll to the bottom of the page and choose “I just want to send files”).
  • If digital transfer is not feasible, participants can copy their video files to an external hard drive or USB drive and mail them to SoftWave TRT, 10000 Avalon Blvd., Suite 720, Alpharetta, GA 30009. 

Please send attention to Laura at [email protected]And, if you have any questions, please email Laura at [email protected].

Judging Process


Selection of Judges:

Our panel of judges will consist of a select group of knowledgeable and impartial SoftWave employees. These individuals are chosen for their expertise in various fields, including medical technology, marketing, and patient care, ensuring a well-rounded evaluation of each submission.

Judging Criteria:

To ensure a fair and honest assessment, the following criteria will be used to judge each video testimonial:

  • Impactfulness: How powerfully does the video demonstrate the effectiveness of the Softwave device in improving patient outcomes?
  • Authenticity: Is the story told in a genuine, heartfelt manner?
  • Quality of Presentation: Does the video maintain a standard of audio-visual quality suitable for marketing purposes? Note: this does not mean professional videos. We fully expect iPhone and Android quality videos.

Judging Process:

  • Each entry will be carefully reviewed by our panel, who will score them based on the above criteria.
  • The final decision will be made by calculating the total scores from all judges to identify the top submissions in each category.

Transparency and Fairness:

We are committed to a transparent and fair judging process. All entries will be given equal consideration, and the judges’ decision will be based solely on the content and quality of the submissions.

Happy filming! Your efforts are going to make a difference.