Extracorporeal shock wave promotes growth and differentiation of bone-marrow stromal cells towards osteoprogenitors associated with induction of TGF-β1

Extracorporeal shock-wave (ESW) treatment has been shown to be effective in promoting the healing of fractures. We aimed to determine whether ESW could enhance the growth of bone-marrow osteoprogenitor cells. We applied ESW to the left femur of rats 10 mm above the knee at 0.16 mJ/mm2 in a range of between 250 and 2000 impulses. Bone-marrow cells were harvested after ESW for one day and subjected to assessment of colony-forming unit (CFU) granulocytes, monocytes, erythocytes, megakaryocytes (CFU-Mix), CFU-stromal cells (CFU-S) and CFU-osteoprogenitors (CFU-O).

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