Summit 2023

Keynote Speakers

Dr. Wolfgang Shaden

The true Father of Shockwave Therapy for musculoskeletal treatments. Our International Medical Director is responsible for recruiting and overseeing research partners and projects to advance SoftWave therapy and ensure SoftWave maintains its leadership role in international shockwave research.

Dr. John Mullins

Longterm Chief of Surgery at Piedmont Hospital has developed the leading edge in shockwave therapy research for advanced wound care and cardiothoracic medicine. He is also the first practitioner to successfully treat the lungs in a covid patient.  

Dr. Hannes Muller

Famous Orthopedic Surgeon and very important board member of the ISMST and Digest, the two largest shockwave organizations in the world. Dr. Muller has combined trigger points and shockwave therapy to develop world renowned pain protocols for doctors all over the world.

Dr. Mathew DiDuro

Rockstar in the chiropractic field, Dr. DiDuro has helped so many integrate SoftWave into their practice to heal communities around the US. Working diligently to build a business structure for our SoftWave Providers. 

Details coming soon!