SoftWave TRT has a strong track record of developing innovative and effective therapy devices, and the UltraGold ultrasound device is the latest example of this commitment to innovation. By providing a more targeted and comprehensive treatment option for patients, SoftWave TRT is helping to improve the lives of those suffering from various urogenital conditions. 

The UltraGold will allow for real time imaging to ensure a more accurate placement of the OrthoGold applicator for treatment. The UltraGold can be used for a more accurate treatment of any internal organs, including the prostate, liver, kidneys, and bladder.

The device works by utilizing an electromagnetic field surrounding the patient which allows the patent pending sensors that are attached to both the ultrasound probe and SoftWave applicator to provide imaging of the target in real time. Once the location of the target has been established with the UltraGold probe, the sensors on the SoftWave applicator will guide the user to apply the therapy with the right amount of pressure and in the correct direction. This means no energy is wasted during the treatment. 

UltraGold will be available for purchase in late 2023. Stay tuned.