Digital Marketing Companies

Here at Automated Practice, we focus on each client individually and our entire in-house team here in San Diego goes all in for you. From Zoom screen shares where we dive into targeting to completely transforming our platform & automation to fit your needs, we are dedicated. No longer do you feel like you need to manage your campaign; we are proactive, communicative, and have been a breath of fresh air to those who have failed with other agencies.
We offer a straightforward package. You’ll get everything from us including Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, our Automated Practice platform, and of course, our ridiculous support.
Are you looking for a done with you (DWY) or a done for you (DFY) marketing solution? We’ll run both your Chiropractic and SoftWave ads for you, and call the leads and schedule them into your calendar for you. This is the perfect way to kick start your journey with your SoftWave device, or take your marketing to a new level with dynamic internal, external, and third-party marketing solutions. Schedule a call today!