Elevate Aesthetic Outcomes with SoftWave™ Therapy

At the forefront of non-invasive aesthetic enhancement, SoftWave™ presents a state-of-the-art solution for those seeking to elevate skin health and appearance. FDA-cleared and armed with advanced tissue regeneration capabilities, SoftWave™ is your practice’s ally in delivering remarkable results for eyebrow, submental, and neck procedures as well as the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles.

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Revolutionary Technology

Leverage the power of patented electrohydraulic acoustic shockwave technology. SoftWave’s unique healing waves penetrate wide and deep, offering a cellular awakening like no other system on the market.

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Deep Tissue Activation

Employing the superior physics of acoustic electrohydraulic shockwave energy, SoftWave initiates a cellular response, fostering the body’s natural healing and regenerative processes.

Activation of regenerative peptides on a cellular level provides faster and more effective results in a wide range from resolution of edema to deep tissue recontouring, the acoustic shockwaves promote a natural response with no downside effects.

Innovative Design

The patented parabolic reflector applicator is the cornerstone of SoftWave’s innovative approach, amplifying the body’s inherent regenerative capabilities at the cellular level and spotlighting tissue healing and regeneration.

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Efficiency and Comfort

With SoftWave, treatments are quick (10-15 minutes) and patient-friendly, with no downtime. The patented applicator, with its flexible silicon membrane, adapts seamlessly to body contours, optimizing energy delivery to the skin.

Full body Regeneration

Versatile Applications

SoftWave’s efficacy isn’t limited to facial aesthetics. It caters to the entire body, addressing tissue healing and regeneration, cellulite, and even the appearance of stretch marks.

Scars and Burns
Hyperpigmentation of scars as well as pain, postoperative or mature can be reduced as the healing process is energized. Hypertrophic scars and even keloids have been shown to improve with shockwave therapy.

Cellulite and Stretch Marks
Over 80% of women encounter cellulite and stretch marks. SoftWave offers a gentle yet effective treatment option, boosting confidence by revitalizing the skin. Experience an improvement in stretch mark appearance through increased collagen production, enhanced blood perfusion, and improved skin hydration. Darker pigment associated with these conditions has been shown to be reduced.

Natural Restoration
SoftWave bolsters the body’s own healing abilities, fortifying connective tissue, and significantly amping up skin elasticity and structure.

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Doctor Mullins

John David Mullins, MD, FACS

“SoftWave shockwave therapy has become an integral part of the cosmetic side of my practice. Initially, I used it in large cases including complex reconstructive procedures, but it has evolved into regular applications in even the finesse procedures of aesthetic varieties. My patients experience faster satisfaction with their results. This may include the return of sensation, less edema, better scars, and less discomfort. A better sense of “well-being” is one way to describe the effects. “

Board-certified plastic surgeon with more than 40 years of clinical experience specializing in Cosmetic, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery

SoftWave’s Therapy works by:

  • Initiating new blood vessel development
  • Activating cell metabolism in targeted zones
  • Enhancing microcirculation and stimulating lipid breakdown
  • Modulating inflammatory response.
  • Nitric oxide and cytokine production on a cellular level
  • Recruitment of stem cells

What Does SoftWave Address for Aesthetics?

  • Cellulite Reduction
  • Scar and Stretch Mark Improvement
  • Lymphedema Management
  • Pain relief postoperatively with reduction of opioid analgesics
  • Autologous fat viability
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