Finally, advanced technology to treat women’s pelvic health. Because they deserve it.

An effective, non-invasive, researched, non-surgical option that treats the cause, not only the symptoms.

SoftWave’s UroGold is a superior electrohydraulic Li-ESWT that has proven effective and safe for patients suffering from women’s urological pelvic and sexual health issues.

High Quality Evidence Continues to Mount

SoftWave’s UroGold is a game changer in sexual health. There is a significant amount of evidence being published in academic journals worldwide documenting the efficacy and safety using true shockwave for many sexual health issues. Visit our Urology Research Library to view the most recent Li-ESWT research available

SoftWave’s UroGold is being used in men’s sexual health in leading institutions like UCLA, Baylor, Cleveland Clinic and others.

Rachel S Rubin, MD

“Shockwave research has been moving through the male sexual medicine world rapidly and we are excited to learn more about how this technology may aid in our female patients. We are hoping to gather more data on sexual pain conditions as well as improving arousal. The early indications are promising.”

Board-certified urologist and sexual medicine specialist Fellowship training in sexual medicine for all genders. Education Chair for the International Society for the Study of Women’s Sexual Health (ISSWSH) Associate editor for the journal Sexual Medicine Reviews

Maximum tissue penetration to enhance the biological effects

Upon delivery, a cellular response is triggered activating the body’s natural healing process resulting in:

Increased blood supply and subsequently angiogenesis – the formation of new blood vessels to increase blood flow into the treated area.

The proliferation of muscle cells to restore tissue elasticity and support tissue remodeling and regeneration

Activation of endogenous growth factors and more.

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The Game Changer for Pelvic Health Therapists

Dr. Uloko presents SoftWave and Vulvodynia

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