Treating the cause, not only the symptoms

SoftWave UroGold's patented technology and protocols offers providers versatility and innovation for long term solutions

Quick treatment times
Fewer treatments
No side effects

Better physics. Better Design. Better Outcomes.

It starts with a spark.

UroGold’s low intensity (Li-ESWT) proprietary electrohydraulic acoustic shockwave allows energy to be applied over a large focused treatment area

The patented parabolic reflector generates a primary and secondary wave that spreads the shockwave over a larger surface zone.

Maximum tissue penetration to enhance the biological effects

Upon delivery, a cellular response is triggered activating the body’s natural healing process resulting in:

Increased blood supply resulting in angiogenesis –the formation of new blood vessels to increase blood flow 

The proliferation of smooth muscle cells to restore tissue elasticity and support tissue remodeling and regeneration

Activation of endogenous growth factors

Trusted. Researched. Effective.


  • Non-invasive
  • No drugs
  • No downtime
  • Minimal to no discomfort experienced
  • Patented technology and protocols


  • Quality research available
  • Backed by leading experts in the industry
  • FDA 510(k) cleared for:
    • Activation of connective tissue
    • ​Improved blood supply
    • Temporary pain relief


  • Fast and easy to use
  • Used in an office/clinic/outpatient setting
  • Does not require a sterile environment
  • Average treatment time is less 10-15 minutes
  • Maximizes resources and time

UroGold Works. It's a game changer.

UroGold Works. Patient outcomes and satisfaction are outstanding. It was convenient and simple to implement into my practice. The opportunity to offer my patients a safe and effective solution that they want has been a Game Changer for my practice.