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Extracorporeal shockwave therapy (ESWT) is a viable, growing treatment option for patients who are seeking treatment for various types of conditions and injuries — chronic, acute, or otherwise. Whether the patient is seeking treatment for the first time or has tried other methods with no success, shockwave therapy with a device from SoftWave Tissue Regeneration Technology (SoftWaveTRT or SWTRT) is proving to be highly effective in many settings.

What is extracorporeal shockwave therapy?

Extracorporeal shockwave therapy or ESWT is a type of medical treatment that promotes healing and pain relief by delivering shockwaves into a patient’s soft tissue through their skin. 

Who can benefit from shockwave therapy?

Shockwave therapy has been the subject of a significant amount of clinical research. Current research suggests that shockwave therapy can be used for bone heeling, wound healing, back pain, knee pain, shin splints, plantar fasciitis, jumper’s knee, stress fractures, foot ulcer pain, urology, sexual health, orthopedics, and more. 

How to choose the best shockwave therapy machine

If you’re interested in providing shockwave therapy, it is important to know the key elements to look for in an extracorporeal shockwave therapy machine. Here is a list of the most important characteristics to look for in your search for the best shockwave therapy device for you and your patients.

Does the device utilize Focused, Radial, or Unfocused waves?

Radial shockwave therapy devices produce pressure waves and are typically better for larger and more superficial treatment areas. Radial pressure waves are strongest at the surface of the applicator and diffuse as they travel deeper. It is for this reason that radial shockwave therapy devices tend to be less comfortable for patients.

Focused shockwave therapy devices produce shockwaves with a much smaller radius than a radial device, but the waves reach deeper under the surface of the skin. Focus shockwave therapy devices are typically used for deep, highly targeted treatment in a very specific area of the body. Focused waves tend to be more comfortable for patients than radial pressure waves because they do not produce high impact at the surface of the applicator.

Unfocused shockwave therapy machines like SoftWaveTRT’s OrthoGold 100 are designed with the intention of providing you and your patients the benefits of both radial shockwave devices as well as focused shockwave devices all in one package. Unfocused shockwave devices are able to target areas that are both wider and deeper than a radial or focused shockwave therapy device can. An unfocused shockwave therapy device will allow you to treat the same patients that benefit from both radial and focused shockwave therapy while only needing to purchase one single device.

FDA Clearance

The best shockwave therapy machines will always be registered with the FDA. You never want to risk the wellbeing of your patients or your practice by investing in and using a shockwave therapy device that is not FDA registered as well as FDA cleared for applicable use. The SWTRT OrthoGold 100 shockwave therapy machine is cleared by the FDA for the treatment of diabetic foot ulcers, second degree burns, and is registered for pain reduction and improved blood supply.


When purchasing a shockwave therapy machine, it is important to keep in mind the level of training that the machine comes with. Some shockwave therapy machine distributors require providers to travel to their clinics for training while other distributors such as SoftWaveTRT will come to you. 


The best shockwave therapy devices are versatile. When looking at introducing the use of different shockwave therapy devices in your practice,  you will want to make sure you are getting a reasonable return on investment and can treat a variety of different conditions with the device. SoftwaveTRT’s OrthoGold 100 shockwave therapy device uses patented technology that allows for the treatment of a wide variety of conditions that many shockwave therapy devices can’t target.


Practices that are providing outpatient care or work in multiple locations need a shockwave therapy device that is easily transportable. The SWTRT OrthoGold 100 is easily transportable and does not require a sterile environment which allows it to be utilized nearly anytime and anywhere.

Why should I provide shockwave therapy with SoftWaveTRT?

Shockwave therapy is an effective treatment option for many types of pain related conditions. If you as a provider want to provide relief for your patients, SoftWaveTRT’s OrthoGold 100 is among the best shockwave therapy machines on the market.

Patented Technology

SoftWave’s Tissue Regeneration Technology takes shockwave therapy to a whole new level with their patented unfocused applicator which makes it possible to spread energy to a wider and deeper area. To learn more about SoftWave’s patented technology visit our website.


If you choose to become a SoftWave provider, you will be set up with a trainer that will travel to your clinic to help you familiarize yourself and your staff with the OrthoGold 100. Oftentimes trainers will help you to provide a “Training Day Special” where patients can come to your practice and receive treatment for a discounted price while you and your staff are learning the ins and outs of your new shockwave therapy machine. Our “Training Day Specials” allow for providers to make money and build their customer bases rather than costing money for time and travel. 

Treatments are quick and easy 

Shockwave therapy treatments only take 5-15 minutes meaning you will be able to schedule more patients in a smaller window. In fact, 33% of SoftWaveTRT providers reported in our survey that treatments using a SWTRT shockwave therapy device only take 5 minutes or less while 44% of providers reported treatment times falling between 5 and 10  minutes. 


Traditional shockwave therapy treatments tend to cause micro-trauma and can be uncomfortable – especially for patients with acute and subacute injuries and may require local anesthesia. Treatments with a SoftWaveTRT shockwave therapy device are non-traumatic, meaning your patients will not need local anesthesia before or after a treatment.


The success rate of shockwave therapy can reach up to 99% depending on the condition that is being treated. In a recent survey of SoftWave providers, it was reported that SoftWaveTRT was found to be an effective treatment for 88.3% of patients with chronic symptoms. Additionally, 72.3% of providers surveyed reported that treatment using a SoftwaveTRT shockwave therapy machine exceeded their expectations. 

Faster healing time

Most treatment with SoftWaveTRT typically requires only 3 treatments 7 days apart for patients to achieve lasting results compared with the typical 12 treatments that are recommended with radial and focused shockwave therapy for treatment of similar injuries.

Immediate patient feedback

Patients typically see results even after just one treatment using the SWTRT OrthoGold 100 which makes the device and treatment a worthwhile investment for both provider and patient.

Interested in shockwave therapy?

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