Effectiveness of shock wave therapy: implementation of a soft wide focus applicator in patients with erectile dysfunction


Low-intensity extracorporeal shock wave therapy (LI-ESWT) is of great clinical interest for the treatment of erectile dysfunction (ED), chronic pelvic pain (CPP) and Peyronie’s disease. Extensive research in animal and human studies showed that the beneficial effect of LI-ESWT is due to its angiogenic properties. It is thought to stimulate neovascularization by inducing the expression of regeneration- and growth-related factors, like for example eNOS, VEGF and PCNA although the precise underlying mechanisms are not entirely clear yet. Thereby LI-ESWT can increase penile blood flow and endothelial function and represents a new, sustainable therapeutic strategy to restore erectile function, independent of, or supporting the conventional palliative medication. 

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