End-stage Heart Failure with COVID-19: Strong Evidence of Myocardial Injury by 2019-nCoV

A novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) was identified as the cause associated with emerging pneumonia (COVID-19) detected in Wuhan on Jan 7th. Since the number of patients rising rapidly worldwide, COVID-19 has become a throny international public health event. As of Mar 24th, China has cumulatively diagnosed 81747 cases and 147 new cases, while the number of cases in other countries is growing rapidly with a total of 291070 cases confirmed and 22027 new cases identified that day. Emerging studies suggest that COVID-19 preferentially afflicts the elderly, particularly those with chronic comorbidities 1, 2. However, the clinical profiles of COVID-19 in refractory heart failure patients is unknown. Herein, we reported the clinical features in a group of end-stage heart failure patients with COVID-19, providing strong evidence of cardiac injury by the virus.

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