Extracorporeal shock wave therapy effectively prevented diabetic neuropathy

We tested the hypothesis that extracorporeal shock wave (ECSW) therapy can effectivelyprotect sciatic nerve (SN) from diabetes mellitus (DM)-induced neuropathy in leptin-deficient (ob/ob) mice. Methodsand results: Eighteen-week C57BL/6 mice (n=8) served as age-matched controls (group 1) and ob/ob mice (n=16)were categorized into DM (group 2) and DM + ECSW (0.12 mJ/mm2for 4 times of 200 impulses at 3-week intervals)(group 3). The animals were sacrificed two weeks post-ECSW. In vitro results showed that the protein expressionsof oxidative stress (NOX-1, NOX-2, oxidized protein), inflammation (MMP-9, TNF-α, iNOS), apoptosis (Bax, cleavedcaspase-3, & PARP), and DNA-damage marker (γ-H2AX) were significantly higher in RT4-D6P2T (schwannoma cellline) treated by menadione (25 μM) compared with control group and were significantly reversed after ECSW (0.12mJ/mm2, 200 impulses) (all p<0.001). 

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