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By: Dr. Matt DiDuro

How Sound Frequency Healing Works

SoftWave’s sound frequency healing technology, known as the “Spark of Life,” offers a non-invasive treatment option that is helping thousands of people with various conditions. The technology works by harnessing the power of vibration therapy, producing vibrations at specific frequencies that can be applied to the body to stimulate healing. 

What you’re seeing in the photo below is what super sonic sound waves look like in water. These are electro-hydraulically produced acoustic waves that are traveling at 3,355 mph, which is nearly 5 times the speed of sound (4.4 Mach speed). 

Pictured above are mitochondria before (left) and after (right) SoftWave’s patented shockwave technology, the “Spark of Life” therapy was delivered via a hand-held applicator that utilizes lightning and naturally occurring super-sonic sound waves (thunder) to energize the mitochondria in cells, which are the powerhouses of the body. The process involves the Krebs cycle, which produces Adenosine triphosphate (ATP), the most efficient way to generate energy in cells. The picture on the right shows the yellow highlighted mitochondria which are lit up with more energy! 

Why is this important to understand for sound frequency healing? 

Because when you’re able to both find and locate areas of tissue damage and inflammation, but then you are also able to generate direct intelligent energy that can be used by the cell to recover, repair and regenerate, you’ve got the perfect healing machine!

The Benefits of Sound Frequency Healing

Research studies show that SoftWave’s technology can jump-start the regenerative healing process, calling into action the first responders of the innate immune system and stimulating the body’s own stem cells, which repair tissue damage. In addition, SoftWave’s treatment down-regulates inflammation, leading to reduced pain and an accelerated natural healing process.

We’ve all experienced it: the patients who aren’t responding to conservative care and need something more “invasive” like cortisone injections or strong prescription drugs to kill the pain instead of solving the problem. These are the type of patients that you will be able to help with our device 65-90% of the time, and they will be satisfied with their results. That’s what I love most about Softwave: the predictable positive patient outcomes! 

The technology has been successfully implemented in over 1,300 clinics worldwide to treat a variety of issues such as chronic pain, plantar fasciitis, jumper’s knee, stress fractures, overuse injuries, foot ulcer pain, shoulder pain, scar tissue treatment, and elbow pain. SoftWave’s sound frequency healing technology is a versatile therapy that provides predictable positive patient outcomes.

Get Started with SoftWave

As a healthcare professional with over three decades of experience, I understand the debilitating effects of chronic pain on patients and their quality of life. SoftWave’s technology offers a non-invasive approach to treating pain that takes minutes to administer, with little to no downtime afterward. By providing a solution to communities worldwide, SoftWave is helping to end pain with a natural approach to healing.

Join the thousands of doctors and patients who have experienced the benefits of SoftWave’s sound frequency healing technology and start your journey to natural healing today.

The more people we’re able to help, the more of a global impact we will have on the future of healthcare. 

Learn more about Sound Frequency Healing: The Spark of Life and What SoftWave Can Do for Your Patients

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