Defining a Therapeutic Range for Regeneration of Ischemic Myocardium via Shock Waves

Shockwave therapy (SWT) represents a promising regenerative treatment option for patients with ischemic cardiomyopathy. Although no side‐effects have been described upon SWT, potential cellular damage at therapeutic energies has not been addressed so far. In this work, we aimed to define a therapeutic range for shock wave application for myocardial regeneration. We could demonstrate that SWT does not induce cellular damage beneath energy levels of 0.27 mJ/mm2 total flux density. Endothelial cell proliferation, angiogenic gene expression and phosphorylation of AKT and ERK are enhanced in a dose dependent manner until 0.15 mJ/mm2 energy flux density. SWT induces regeneration of ischemic muscle in vivo via expression of angiogenic gene expression, enhanced neovascularization and improved limb perfusion in a dose‐dependent manner. Therefore, we provide evidence for a dose‐dependent induction of angiogenesis after SWT, as well as the absence of cellular damage upon SWT within the therapeutic range. These data define for the first time a therapeutic range of SWT, a promising regenerative treatment option for ischemic cardiomyopathy.

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