miR-19a-3p Containing Exosomes Improve Function of Ischaemic Myocardium Upon Shock Wave Therapy

As many current approaches for heart regeneration exert unfavourable side effects, the induction of endogenous repair mechanisms in ischaemic heart disease is of particular interest. Recently, exosomes carrying angiogenic miRNAs have been described to improve heart function. However, it remains challenging to stimulate specific release of reparative exosomes in ischaemic myocardium. In the present study, we sought to test the hypothesis that the physical stimulus of shock wave therapy (SWT) causes the release of exosomes. We aimed to substantiate the pro-angiogenic impact of the released factors, to identify the nature of their cargo, and to test their efficacy in vivo supporting regeneration and recovery after myocardial ischaemia.

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